Short movie - Winner  "When I am cured of AIDS" Home

By Chiang Khong Crown Prince Hospital, Chiang Rai province: 12.50 minutes  

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            Prior to his marriage at 19 years old, Kot had HIV testing. After his wife had one child, she became ill because of AIDS and passed away. Kot had his HIV testing at Chiang Khong Crown Prince Hospital’s anonymous clinic in 1995, and found positive. He, then, joined “Un Ai Rak Group” where he met Paan whose husband died of AIDS. The couple decided to be married. With high CD4 level, both Kot and Paan have not initiated ARV and have monitoring every 6 month. However, Kot’s CD4 level is noticeably high all the time, and he has a good health with no opportunistic infection or any symptoms. The hospital asked that he has another HIV test; the results showed that he is HIV negative.
           This may be a good or bad news for the couple. It is suspected that his first result might be false positive. After realizing of Kot’s negative status, Paan is worried that Kot would despise her; on the contrary, he still loves her and gives her support to be a good wife. Both Kot and Paan volunteer in HIV prevention group that works with youth.