Short movie - Winner  "When Duan Found True Happiness" Home

By Inburi Hospital, Sing Buri province: 17.45 minutes  

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            Duan, a young woman who once was disappointed and discouraged by thesociety, is trying to cope with HIV. One day Duan had an opportunity to reform herself. What happened that enabled her to say that her fear from people around her has disappeared? That she felt strong unlike the past 20 years? It's not just ARVs or words of encouragement from her family or or public health personnel. It is something from within. With internal security, the feeling of isolation and stigmatization has decreased.

            True happiness from within is sustainable. Inburi HIV team sees the importance of internal security and confidence. What did the team do to help Duan? Let’s see her life after 150-hour Thai message course.