Short movie - First Runner-up  "Inspiration" Home

By Plabplachai Hospital, Buri Ram province: 13.34 minutes  

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            We’re looking for the meaning, for the value of PLHA. Ueng has been infected with HIV since 1999; he found out when his wife went to antenatal clinic. Devastated, he felt responsible for what happened so he was determined to take good care of his wife and child. Ueng is a quiet man, but is very diligent. He doesn’t care what others may talk about him. In the past, there was very little understanding about HIV. Ueng always thinks that he can live without having to rely on anyone. He can take good care of himself and his wife. They never blame each other because of the infection. Suda, his wife, has never asked where he got it, only thinks how she would continue on, and take care of her child. However, one day she started to lose sight, and became totally blind at a later time. With love and responsibility, Ueng takes good care of Suda, bringing her to the hospital to receive ARV, rice field, and anywhere he goes. It’s a sight Ruam Nam Jai staff and peers always see. Suda always does what she can, rising her child with love and discipline. When she had to disclose Ueng’s and her HIV status to her daughter, she accepts them, always helps around the house, and is a good student in school. This family is filled with warmth, happiness, love, and understanding; they are an example to the community, helping everyone to know that love and understanding can overcome illness and poverty. Today both Ueng and Suda are in good health. They dream to support their daughter for higher education and to becoming a successful sport player.

            To continue on in life depends on how we live our lives right now. Live happiness, understanding oneself and seeing one’s value. The future will no longer be dim; the painful past will fade away.