Short movie - First Runner-up   "Moving on with Love" Home

By Bang Bo Hospital, Samut Prakan province: 20.01 minutes   

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            This story may sound unreal. It might sound like a badly performed soap opera: a woman dumped by an irresponsible man became a single mom with HIV. How could she overcome all that has come her way? Who dares to say it is her sole problem, and not the society’s? “Living with HIV” is not an obstacle of life; there are plenty of PLHA whose life is an example to others and who contribute much to the society.

            Not relevant to HIVQUAL, you may think while watching this movie? But without quality and humanistic services, this lady may not have lived this long.

            To all health care workers, your job is more than just a duty. You understand and give chances. You learn that there is uncertainty in life, and sadness is reality. You know the value of humanity and unconditional love.