Short movie - Honorable mention  "Dream, Hope and Reality" Home

By Pan Hospital, Chiangrai province: 9.18 minutes  

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            It may not be difficult for children born to living parents to have their dream come true. It’s a totally different story for those orphans with HIV who live with their grandparents. Going to a beach is a dream that does not come true easily for them. What if we could do that for them?

            Jai Prasan Jai Center staff at Phan Hospital who has been taking care of HIV children since 2005 organizes camps to create understanding between children and their caretakers, as well as prepare them to enter puberty. Every time a child is asked, “What is your dream and hope?” They always answer they want a field trip to the beach. Coming from mountain area, all they ever see is mountain and rice field. They have never seen the beach, nor played in the ocean. It’s a dream that is difficult to come true.
            When the team found a way to raise fund for the children so their dream could come true, they presented the project to the hospital management. With NGO help, they were able to take the children to the beach.
            The children had so much fun; they had self-realization and promised to be good and do good to the society.
            They also brought the sea water back as a souvenir to their grandparents!