Short movie - Honorable mention  "Voices from Kokpra" Home

By Kokpra Hospital, Nakhon Sawan province: 11.24 minutes  

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            For many years, people living with HIV/AIDS were seen as bad and promiscuous. It is very difficult to disclose one’s HIV status. HIV is not a matter of just one person, but it involves the society, family, and community where understanding and acceptance are needed.

            PLHA want to let the society know that they can do many things for themselves, as well as their families and communities. They want others to see they have potential like everyone else.
            Interview with PLHA may not sound very interesting but let’s hear what they have to say. What if you are HIV positive, how would you feel?
            “One’s value is one’s action, not whether one has HIV or not.”
            The past lacks understanding from others.
            Without care, PLHA are on their own.
            It’s complicated and confusing.
            The past teaches PLHA to change from living with HIV to living with understanding.